Spinal Alignment for Your Sleep Position

Proper spinal alignment is not only important for better sleep, it’s critical to back health and overall wellness.

Sleep experts say the best position for proper spinal alignment is on your back, and second to that would be on your side with your legs stretched out as opposed to curled up, which is pretty common.

Either on your back or side, the right pillow will help keep your head and neck supported and your ears, shoulders and hips lined up as much as possible.

Specifically for the back sleeper, a small pillow under the knees helps retain just enough curvature to help spinal alignment. Some side sleepers like to have a pillow with a cut-out to accommodate the shoulder, and a low-loft pillow between the knees is recommended to keep the hips in line.

The stomach sleep position puts the most stress on the spine. While it’s recommended to train yourself to sleep in a different position, the reality is that is pretty difficult to achieve, especially if you naturally move into that favored stomach position while you’re asleep and you aren’t even aware you’re doing it. The more realistic solution is to get a low-loft pillow that gives you some support but not too much that your spine is compressed at your neck.

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